Animal Friends of Port Aransas,Inc.
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Welcome to AFPA

Welcome to Animal Friends of Port Aransas, Inc.!
We are a non- profit, 501 (c) 3, dedicated to providing care, humane treatment and re-homing for our shelter animals.
Meetings are held every second Monday of the month in the meeting room of Holiday Inn Express in Port Aransas, TX
at 5:30pm. This meeting is open to all who love animals!
P. O. Box 301, Port Aransas, TX. 78373

2017-18 Officers

President & Co-Founder ~ Connie Beane
Vice President ~ Marnie Pate
Secretary ~ Amy Flood
Treasurer ~ Johanna Smith
Event Coordinator ~ Julie Johnson
Dr. Christi Kresser DVM~Lead Vet
 Dr. Floyd Garrett DVM ~Vet Advisor

The Port Aransas Animal Shelter was constructed in 1987. Funds were raised through the efforts of volunteers, the first being the PORT ARANSAS PUBLIC ANIMAL SHELTER BAY~SURF FISHING TOURNAMENT on November 10, 1984. It was after the fourth fishing tournament in 1987 that construction began. Through the work of volunteers and and financing by the Port Aransas Public Animal Shelter Trust the shelter was built. Animal Friends of Port Aransas, Inc. (AFPA) was established as a non-profit organization by Connie Beane, JoAnn Page and Pete Hartje in August 2009.

Mission Statement
The purpose of the Animal Friends of Port Aransas, Inc. is to receive public donations and provide support for the Animal Shelter operated by the City of Port Aransas,Texas and to provide support to any other similar not-for-profit organization in or near the geographic area of Port Aransas that provides humane treatment of animals.

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